Study Result

Nitrosohemoglobin freeze drying and spray drying experiment


First, test purposes

In the experiment of spray drying, the blood cells were used to freeze drying, and the effects of two different methods on the characteristics of the product were investigated.

In the pre production nitroso hemoglobin test, using vacuum freeze dryer in production of products, many scholars think vacuum freeze drying product color, stability is better, but the equipment investment high, long production cycle and energy consumption is high and the production cost is high. At present, after the improvement of technology, the use of spray drying tower drying products, and through the test contrast observation.

Two, the main test equipment

Booster mixer, freeze dryer

Three, raw material formula

Due to comply with the confidentiality work Baodi group, this formula is omitted.

Four, test content

1, material preparation: select a certain amount of fresh blood cells and accessories

2, nitroso hemoglobin reaction experiment: in the blood fluid to add a certain proportion of the water and after crushing mixer, accessories will be ready to be added, water bath heating reaction, until after the end of the reaction liquid will be respectively by freeze drying and spray drying drying into a finished product.

3, spray drying: set of spray drying tower import and export temperature and the reaction liquid spray drying, collecting nitroso hemoglobin products.

4, freeze drying: first frozen pre: weighing four disc like liquid into the refrigerator (refrigerated) to spend the night, frozen ice; samples were then placed into a freeze dryer, in the factory default settings under the condition of freeze-drying 16 hours; at the end of the freeze dried nitroso hemoglobin rongalit shaped products were crushing processing collected powder products.

5, the different drying methods of nitrosohemoglobin samples were observed, the absorbance and stability testing.

Five, Results

5.1 the quality and color of the samples are as follows:

From the figure that two kinds of drying methods produced by nitrosohemoglobin color are red brick.

5.2 freeze drying and spray drying for sample absorption and stability of

  Sample weight(g) 0D 11:10 0D 11:40 0D 14:00 0D 16:00
Spray dried sample 0.2041 1.417 1.310 1.079 1.075
Freeze dried sample 0.2034 1.089 1.055 0.949 0.936
Both color Fresh red, frozen dry brightness is higher Are red Are red Are brown Are brown

0.2g of different sample was taken, and the acetone solution of 80% was added to 20ml, then it was filtered, and the absorbance was measured at different time by 540nm.

From the above table, there was no obvious difference in the color of the product of spray drying and freeze drying, the higher the frozen dried sample, the larger the grain size, the better the result of the freeze drying, which is the reason for the relatively small. It can be seen that the stability of the two is not obvious difference, the color of the color and the final color change is very close, which can be considered that the spray drying and freeze drying of samples in color and stability is not significant, that is, the use of spray drying method of large-scale production of good quality products, and to save a certain cost of production.

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