Regional agency

Investment scope

National regional distribution merchants, invite to join!

Joining process
1, product consulting
2, the distribution of intent to negotiate
3, distribution application, inspection certification
4, signed a distributor contract
5, to handle the relevant procedures, issued a special distribution license
6, the beginning of product distribution activities
Marketing support

1, to provide enterprises and products of all kinds of security related documents or information for the dealer;
2, send professional marketing personnel not on a regular basis to assist dealers and common development in the region of small and medium-sized customers;
3, new product promotion and policy support preferred dealers;
4, regular or not regularly for dealers to provide advisory services, the timely issuance of enterprise and product promotional materials;
5, in the period of tight supply, dealers enjoy preferential procurement;
6, regular or not regularly carry out customer communications activities and to participate in large-scale feed exhibition;
<span 1.8";="">7, regular or irregular conduct of the brand and product promotion in the magazine and the network.

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